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3 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

There are numerous people and businesses as well that make use of Instagram and aiming to boost their followers. If they are new, they are seeking to get more followers and even if they have been in the app for quite some time, they still want more followers. Let’s face it, people want the spotlight in real life and that is mainly the same thing with regards to their social networks. The truth is, this is not different in Instagram and there are many people who are gaining lots of followers who can make a living off of social networks.

If for instance that you are just new to Instagram, then you might feel intimidated but this is no reason to instantly give up, rather you must take time and have fun. You shouldn’t be worried about your followers since every post you make regularly allows you to build your followers.

Here are few of the things you must do with your account to get more followers.

Schedule – you must be posting on a regular basis if you like to become popular on IG and have more followers. And if you want to take bring it to another level, then you have to stick on posting schedules so your followers can know when a new image will become available.

If you have downtime and not able to post for a little while, then there is a chance that your followers delete you and find someone new. While your friends won’t just do this for any reason, you must have an open mind that your followers especially who follow you because of same interests will unfollow you.

Tagging – more often than not, you have not used tags when uploading your first photo to IG. Truth is, you should not take this for granted since it is so important. But don’t worry, this is a mistake that everyone makes on their first try. On the other hand, you have to learn how to use tags fast if you like to reach more people of same interests. You will be visible to users who are your friends list only if you’re not using tags.

This is because there is nothing attached to the image to be able to make it searchable. These tags are what exposing your images for others to find it on Instagram.

Social Networks – believe it or not, making use of other social media platforms together with IG is among the best ways of increasing your followers. With this in mind, many of the successful Instagrammers are always telling newbie to make sure to include their Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media accounts to their IG.

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